UN Peacebuilding Fund Call for Concept Notes for Gender/Youth Promotion Initiatives | Diplomacy Opp

The Fund’s purpose is to respond to country-identified peacebuilding priorities via UN sponsored programming. The activities with a specific scope to be funded by the Peacebuilding Fund will include:

(a) Activities designed to respond to imminent threats to the peace process, support for the implementation of peace agreements and political dialogue, in particular in relation to strengthening of national institutions and processes set up under those agreements;

(b) Activities undertaken to build and/or strengthen national capacities to promote coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict and to carry out peacebuilding activities;

(c) Activities undertaken in support of efforts to revitalize the economy and generate immediate peace dividends for the population at large;

(d) Establishment or re-establishment of essential administrative services and related human and technical capacities which may include, in exceptional circumstances and over a limited period of time, the payment of civil service salaries and other recurrent costs.

Below are the calls and application templates:


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