Being part of a global movement to inspire young people to work effectively and be actively engaged in their own development towards achieving agenda 2030. The vanguards can only be us the youth and we have to be courageous to take this step.

With no objection and in total submission to passion, we could not resist when the opportunity came to inspire over 250 teenagers, knowing fully well media has a role to play on how well success can be achieved now and in the aftermath of 2030.

To do this, we had to be courageous and step in to encourage the youths for the future. So how do we say Courageous?

Courageous is “ possessing or displaying courage” where courage is “the quality of spirit that enables you face danger or pain without showing fear.” So how do you say courageous?
Activate Youth Camp Arrivals
Courageous | Igboya | Obi Ike | onígboyà | mai tatare da karfin hali| courageux | Tunaomba | mutig|  勇敢 Yǒnggǎn |
Whatever your language, drive courage and come onboard with us in this journey. More of our journey and how you can join can be found here
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