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Child Marriage is a harmful practice which severely affects the rights of a child and further deprives the child from attaining other aspirations like their education.

Every year, about 14 million adolescent and teen girls are married, almost always forced into the arrangement by their parents. In 2012 UNICEF estimated that globally, almost 400 million women aged 20-49 (or 41% of the total population of women of this age) were married or entered into union while they were children (i.e. before turning 18). It further noted that, although the proportion of child brides has generally decreased over the last 30 years, in some regions child marriage remains common, even among the youngest generations, particularly in rural areas and among the poorest.

The AU Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa  aims to accelerate the movement to end Child Marriage by: (i) supporting policy action in the protection and promotion of human rights, especially with a view to addressing violence against girls and women and promoting gender equitable social norms (ii) mobilizing continental awareness of and engagement to end Child Marriage, (iii) removing barriers and bottlenecks to law enforcement, (v) increasing the capacity of non-state actors to undertake evidence based policy advocacy including increasing the role of youth leadership through new media technology, monitoring and evaluation among others.

In order to be able to assess the impact of the AU Campaign in Member States, the African Union Commission is calling for the submission of proposals for the consultancy to assess the status of child marriage in Africa.

Download the proposal format and application information here

Deadline: July 29, 2016

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