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The Digital Integrity Fellowship Program (DIFP) provides fixed monthly stipends to individuals capable of addressing short-term and long-term threats to freedom of expression online. Fellows provide organizations and communities most affected by Internet freedom violations comprehensive internal support with their digital security expertise. For short-term needs, the program serves as a mechanism of support to individuals working to mitigate urgent digital threats to vulnerable groups like journalists, human rights defenders, NGOs, activists, bloggers, and others. For long-term needs, the program strives to build digital security expertise inside organization’s, within the local communities they are apart of, and the global networks that connect them.

To do so, this program seeks individuals with deep experience and passion in at least one of these roles:

  • Develop an organization’s readiness at early-stages, ensuring all baselines are in place required to begin and sustain a digital security initiative;
  • Enhance the capacity of locally-based digital security professionals as a partner to increase their knowledge and capacity;
  • Implement, maintain, and scale up the day-to-day digital security best-practices from within that enable an organization’s digital assets to defend against common “threats-of-the-day”;


  • Respond to digital emergencies (as a rapid responder) and targeted attacks utilizing incident response best-practices;
  • Conduct highly-specialized digital forensics such as identifying and documenting malware and other vulnerabilities used in targeted attacks against human rights defenders; and/or,
  • Provide support to this program’s fellows as a Mentor to the fellows who will work within these organizations.


Deadline: July 30, 2016

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