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The INTERREG EUROPE programme aims to improve the implementation of regional development policies and programmes, in particular programmes for Investment for Growth and Jobs and European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programmes.

By co-financing projects and four thematic platforms it allows regional and local public authorities and other players of regional relevance across Europe to exchange practices and ideas on the way public policies work, and thereby find solutions to improve their strategies for their own citizens.

INTERREG EUROPE currently is seeking for a Policy Officer and Digital Communication Officer.

Policy Officer

The Interreg Europe Secretariat is currently looking for a Policy Officer. This person will assist applicants and lead partners in the development and implementation of their project, and to contribute to a successful programme implementation of the policy learning platforms

Temporary Digital Communication Officer

The Interreg Europe Secretariat is currently looking for a temporary Communication Officer with a focus on digital outreach, to cover a maternity leave. The person should have good knowledge of, and a genuine interest in, the online environment. They will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the programme’s digital strategy, including setting up, running and evaluating social media campaigns. Project managing website development is another key task, as new features concerning the programme’s website and the policy learning platform pages will be integrated. Ideally with experience communicating in a European, institutional, public policy arena, the person will propose and coordinate content publication across all digital channels using storytelling techniques.

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