Who is following the elections in Gabon? Youths shouldn’t take to violence nor be used by politicians to protest election results. Even statistics showed youths could win. With over 1.672 million people in Gabon, only 627,805 voters registered and Ali Bongo won 49.80% votes against 48.23% for Jean Ping, a narrow margin of only 5,594. (stats from Allafrica.com)

If the youths had turned out enmasse to register and vote, your votes would have counted and you would have achieved your goal of a new president without lifting a weapon or setting fire.

My friend Théophane in Gabon  provided us with updates. It shows us that there are young people having Africa at heart and will work towards the peaceful actualisation of the AFRICAN DREAM irrespective of our political differences, one thing unites us: to see a PEACEFUL and PROSPEROUS AFRICA.


Read his report from Gabon here

Note: Its time we start criminalizing blockage of access to the Internet; its a digital world!

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