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World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) 2017 Awards | Diplomacy Opportunities

The 2017 WISE Awards will identify, celebrate, and promote six innovative projects for their positive contribution to education and society. The Awards highlight initiatives found to be most creative and effective in finding solutions to education challenges at any level and in all environments. In bringing forward these models, WISE is helping build a network of recognized change-makers to inspire transformation and innovation in education.

Representatives of projects are invited to submit applications to demonstrate the nature and reach of their activities. Nominations of projects are also invited. Past winning projects have addressed a wide range of concerns and pursuits, including access to quality education, life-long learning opportunities, and education in emergency contexts.

To apply

To date, the WISE Awards have recognized 48 projects for their innovative, transformative impact. Enter your project in the competition for a chance to be recognized as an education leader.

Deadline: January 17, 2017

Submit your application here

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  1. Kudos. It is a great initiative. I would like to be a part. I do have a lot of ideas. Some of which I can do with little effort but some I have to do more studies. I have got a thought, to transform avocado in to butter. I wish to work on it to bring the result closer to the natural avocado. Our communities have a lot of avocado but a lot gets lost to rottenness, some are sold very cheap, and we have them only in seasons. If this action is completed and I succeed in doing the transformation,God helping me, it will help people have avocado through out the year, cut down the lost, increase capital, and also provide hygiene for our health.
    I desperately need your help.
    this is just one of the thoughts I have. Studying food science and biochemistry will help me.


    • Hello Julius, in what ways do you need help from the Diplomacy Opp team? Also, We advice you post this on our facebook group where like minds will contribute to making your ideas a success.

      Thank you.


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