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The Summer Institute on Social Exclusion and Discrimination of Children and Youth will bring together a vibrant mix of students, policy makers, academics, early childhood practitioners, activists, and government and non-government representatives to learn about new developments and research in the field—and how they can be applied across different contexts. The Summer Institute will also allow professionals from different sectors and communities across Europe and Eurasia to connect and network, while sharing their knowledge and experience.

The themes of the Summer Institute’s two sub-courses address the social and political barriers that adversely affect too many children and youth from their first contact as individuals with the state: the school system. Within schools, the opportunities provided and the expectations conveyed—or the lack thereof—play a vital role in in shaping children’s and youths’ experience of citizenship and inclusion, or statelessness and exclusion.

The course invites global applications from educational researchers, policy analysts, education finance specialists, government officials, advanced graduate students and faculty members. Preference will be given to applicants with academic and professional experience with these issues.

Applicants should decide which of the following parallel sub-courses they would like to attend:

Sub-course 1:
Inclusive Education: Evidence, activism and converging constituencies

Designed for people working on advocacy and policy related to children’s right to education, this course will provide participants with opportunities to dissect, discuss, and debate inclusive education and discrimination in education with experts from the field.

Sub-course 2
The Role of Early Childhood Development in Promoting Equity and Social Inclusion: Theory, policy and practice

This course will review the role of early childhood development in tackling the causes and symptoms of exclusion, focusing specifically on children and families most at risk of social exclusion, including those with disabilities and special educational needs, Roma and other minority groups, and migrants and refugees. The course will look primarily at policies and services in Europe and Eurasia.

Summer Institute on Social Exclusion and Discrimination of Children and Youth at Summer University of Central European University

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