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Call for applications – Coordinator of the Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace | Diplomacy Opportunities

The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace working group (CYSDP) is looking to recruit an outstanding young leader, passionate about, and with expertise, in the field of sport for development and peace (SDP), to support its work.

The vision of CYSDP is to be the leading and driving voice for youth in the Commonwealth towards promoting best practices for SDP in their respective societies. Its mission is to Advocate, Educate and Demonstrate the benefits of employing sport as a tool to contribute to development issues.

Duties and responsibilities

The leadership team comprises a Focal Point from within the Commonwealth Secretariat, a Coordinator, and a steering committee for the thematic areas of policy and research; communications and advocacy; and regional coordinators. The Coordinator has a supervisory and support role, and will work with the leadership team in delivering network objectives. The Commonwealth Focal Point will support the work of the steering committee and be the liaison between the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Steering Committee.

The CYSDP Coordinator will work with the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Division and its partners to guide and support the work of CYSDP. They will also support CYSDP in six key areas – strategic planning, meetings & administration, CYSDP membership, publications and policy papers, stakeholder/network relationships, and communications. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 to 29, be a citizen of a Commonwealth member country, and show a demonstrated commitment to the CYSDP’s vision and mission through their volunteer or professional background.

Logistics and Remuneration

£500/month for 4 months = £2000 (All Inclusive). In the event that other costs related to this assignment that arise, these are subject to approval by the Commonwealth Secretariat, following written notice, prior to the costs being incurred

To apply

Click  to apply here

Duration of Assignment

The assignment is expected to take place over 4 months from March 2017 to June 2017. This contract may be renewable for up to 2 years from the initial contract period, subject to the discretion of the Commonwealth Secretariat. The contracts will be renewable in periods as is determined by funding and satisfaction of the Coordinators’ work, based on key deliverables.


To be considered, please complete the below form by 11:59 PM BST (London Time) on 08 March 2017.

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