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The Global Enterprise Experience develops global leaders skilled in managing across cultures, time zones, and developed and developing countries with world views that are worlds apart.  It builds a mindset for creating successful business ventures that tackle social and environmental issues.

Participants are in teams of eight, with members drawn from around the world.  Teams compete, not countries. The team uses cloud computing to communicate with its members. To date 8,000 students from 560 universities in 103 countries have participated. Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand’s capital city is the home of the contest.

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Teams write a six-page business concept proposal on a profitable product or service that applies appropriate technology to enhance wellbeing. The topic is deliberately broad, so projects will vary widely such as focusing on refugees, children, elderly, disabled, poor or remote communities, with projects as varied as environment, water, communication, retaining language or food among dozens of other possibilities.  The project could be based in a developed or developing country or between countries. You will need to use your creativity to design a great project that achieves social goals but is also profitable.  It just needs to be profitable, but not necessarily very profitable, as this ensures the project is sustainable rather than simply one more suggestion to governments or aid agencies on how to spend their scarce funds.

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The 2017 prize giving will be held in New Zealand’s parliament on June 27.  New Zealand participants collect certificates and letters of commendation on behalf of their international colleagues awards, which will then be returned to the organiser and sent to the participant. Only those who completed all of the requirements of the contest are eligible for awards and certificates.

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Deadline: April 19, 2017
The 2017 contest will run from May 3 to May 24, it is free to enter, and there are no restrictions on who may enrol.
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