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Our Development Ambassador for this week is David Allouche from Israel. He is the founder of Young Diplomats a team of young International Relations Experts across all 5 continents and with 34 different nationalities that have all graduated from top universities all over the world with a mix of different cultures and fields of expertise.

As Nelson Mandela popularly said “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”; Meet David.

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My name is David Allouche, I founded Young Diplomats in 2014. I realized it was incredibly difficult for young professionals to express their voices in the mainstream media and no one was taking us seriously because we were young, therefore I created Young Diplomats, that has since before the number one online magazine in international relations for students and young professionals. We are the only media outlet that publishes articles from Analysts from all over the world, regardless of their ages.
mAS.jpgRapidly the team grew and I was joined by Adrien Gonin (Germany), Masha (Russia) and Mihai (Romania). We recently obtained from the Security and Diplomacy Program in Tel Aviv University a large office to be able to recruit interns, together we set up a team of more than 30 journalists and analysts and we have now regional directors all over the world in charge of a team. We receives dozens of articles a day from students all other the world.
We totally transformed the field of how diplomacy works. We permitted to our analysts to meet the President of Catalonia in a fully funded trips in Spain (We were among CNN,The Guardian and New York Times correspondents). But also US Senators, politicians and famous professors.
Our ultimate goaadrian.jpgl is to replace the Old guard of diplomats and international affairs commentators. Therefore we do not only empower young people in the field of diplomacy , but we also created a secret professional network acting as a fraternity where our members met and exchange when they travel the world like a family.
Young Diplomats has now people trying to enter Foreign Ministries in more than 16 countries. This is unique and has never been achieved, and we truly contributed to empower youth in the field of diplomacy.
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