AYM Youth Development Workshop, DRC | Diplomacy Opportunities

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) is hosting the Youth Development Workshop in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the theme “Active Youth: Engine For Development“. The workshop will also serve as the official launch of AYM DRC hub to engage, mobilise and empower young people.

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) is a pan-African, action-oriented, youth-led movement that strives for the active participation, development, and leadership of African youth to transform Africa and achieve their rights to equality, peace and social justice. The movement seeks to create a continent that respects the rights of all its citizens, promotes the values of ubuntu, unity, self-determination, integrity, and accountability and empowers African youth.

Established in 2015 as a social movement, AYM has grown to a community of over 5,000 active members from 40 countries and has since its inception made representations at the African Union, UNCTAD, GPEDC, UNECA, UNWomen, UNDP and ADB meetings etc.

Are you in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)? Then register to attend.

To register, send your profile by either SMS/Whatsapp to +243998881332 or email to AYMDRC@gmail.com

Deadline: July 8, 2017

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