Call For Applications: CIVICUS SPEAK Champions 2019

2019 CIVICUS SPEAK Champions

This year, SPEAK! will culminate in 24 hours of global action from 20-21 September and, in an exciting development,CIVICUS is looking for Regional Champions to help bring the campaign to life! SPEAK! Champions will lead the campaign in their communities, engaging at least 3 other organisations to hold events or collaborate on a joint event. They will also be the key point of contact with the SPEAK! global coordination team.

The whole purpose of SPEAK! events is to bring together people who don’t normally talk to each other and create space for meaningful dialogue, mutual understanding and shared solutions. For example, organisers could invite ordinary citizens and elected officials, communities currently in conflict, or people with opposing views on contentious issues.

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Being a SPEAK! Champion comes with a unique opportunity to receive one-on-one support to increase your organisation’s effectiveness and campaign assessment skills, as well as to broaden your network within and beyond civil society! Champions will also increase visibility of their work by being officially recognised on the SPEAK! website, CIVICUS’ social media channels, and in the final 2019 campaign report.

The form takes less than five minutes and we advise you to apply this week for fullest consideration. Selected organisations will be invited to take part in an online interview. Smaller organisations are particularly encouraged to apply!

To Apply

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Application deadline is June 21 and final decision on Champions will be made by June 25.

Read more on CIVICUS SPEAK campaign website

To get more, join Diplomacy Opportunities Facebook Group, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram