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AI Made in Africa Remote Workshop

AI Made in Africa Remote Workshop

The AI Made in Africa Remote Workshop is for Students, Graduates, Businesses Stakeholders, Freelancers, Public-Sector Professionals, Management Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs, Operations Managers, General Managers, Business Owners and Supervisors.

What are we covering:

  • What impact will automation in have on work?
  • What are possible scenarios for employment growth?
  • Will there be enough work in the future?
  • What will automation mean for skills and wages?
  • How do we manage the upcoming workforce transitions? (Future-proofing your career).
  • Pathways for Skills upgrade.

Why the webinar:

Data, Software Automation and AI will lift productivity and economic growth, but millions of people worldwide may need to switch occupations or upgrade skills. In this webinar, we delve into how the future of the workplace may look like in the Kenyan job market and beyond; what skills are necessary to future-proof various careers; and the possible career pathways for upgrading one’s skills.

Please note that the estimates of occupational shifts to be used in this webinar are based on scenarios of work displaced by automation to 2030 and of labor demand created in the same period by selected global trends, including rising incomes; growing healthcare spending for aging populations; stepped-up investment in technology, infrastructure, buildings, and energy; and the marketization of mainly domestic work that is currently unpaid, such as childcare and cooking. The data hence are not a prediction but rather indicative of some of our scenario findings.


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To Attend

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Date: Saturday 27th June 2020 | 13:00 Hrs E.A.T

To get more opportunities, like our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

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