Daniel Nwaeze Founder Diplomacy Opportunities

Daniel Nwaeze Founder, Diplomacy Opportunities

Daniel Nwaeze is a creatively excellent and diplomatically passionate citizen of the globe building careers in Diplomacy, Peace Development, Human development,and exploring future potentials of the information and communications technology sector.

One of my biggest inspiration has been the famous lines of Buddha i encountered when i saw the movie Chaos: “Return to the earth now if your mind is troubled and your heart is uncertain, for it is by returning to the beginning that we can clearly see path” and it helps me rebuild myself and impact others to make the world more peaceful, better and connected to as much necessary information as available to me. Also, having noticed the lag in information distribution and the need to fill it no matter how small, I decided to act and This gave birth to Diplomacy Opportunities.

When i’m not inspiring to build a peaceful world, i’ll be connecting people globally. When i’m not connecting people, then i’m reading, or writing; or networking; or blogging. If don’t catch me doing any of these, then I’m meditating for a restart.

Diplomacy Opportunities is reviewing applications for team members from over 8 countries globally and will announce the rest of the team soon!

If you love Peace, Media Development, Youth Development, Community Engagement and Global Citizenship, then send an email to