Are you passionate about our activities (read them here), then we will like to have you onboard. Volunteering is not a paid position opens you to the world of possibilities and we will be glad to have you grow with us.

Positions available include: Country Representatives, Writers, Global Opportunities Scout, Peace Club Team Leads, Expansion Lead and Community Manager. We invite passionate youths from all corners of the world.

To join our team, send your letter of interest along with your CV to DiplomacyOpp@gmail.com

Remember to follow us on twitter: @DiplomacyOpp and Join our facebook group here:


10 thoughts on “VOLUNTEER

  1. i’m the founder of World Foundation for peace, a foundation on line which counts at present more than 13000 members. i wish some support in what my members and me are doing for world peace and all peoples freedom. any advise or suggestion will be wellcome. i can send you my bionotes if needed, i’m italian, A teacher, have worked for Amnesty international for long and now I’m deeply interested in peace, two of my poems are going to be published in 2 different Anthology for peace, 2016. One more was edited last year.
    waiting your feedback i thank you in advance.
    Dr. Maria A Miraglia
    Literary Responsable of the Italian Cultural Association “Pablo Neruda”.


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